When Budget Travel Means Cheap Travel, Hotel Reviews Don’t Matter

The reason is pretty obvious - if you are only going to stay in cheap hotels (let's say under $60 per night) in a major city like Los Angeles or Phoenix, reviews won't really help you find them because the price alone will do that. However, reviews can help you uncover the part of town they are in or how safe the neighborhood appears to be. The problem is that cheap motels are almost uniformly found in the least desirable locations - near freeways (dirt and noise 24 hours), under the airport Read more [...]

Hotel Review: Holiday Inn New Orleans-Downtown Superdome

Modern and comfortable are the words used to describe the Holiday Inn New Orleans-Downtown Superdome. It's conveniently located in the Central Business District and a short walk to the French Quarter. Sit down and relax while we review this lovely hotel. The first time we ever came to New Orleans, my husband and I stayed at this hotel. To be honest, it was not a great introduction to the city. However, since that time the hotel was renovated down to the studs to offer the best experience to Read more [...]

Hotel Reviews Gone Wild

As an online shopper you should be skeptical of online product reviews. In most cases they are being used by big business to get free advertising. Hotel review sites are no different. However, there are some consumer great review websites that have valuable information on hotel that you may be interested in. Someone that has stayed at a hotel can give you a real good idea of what to expect from it. So where can you find valuable information and stay away from the advertising driven reviews? Read more [...]